Raw Earth Collection

These one-of-a-kind pieces are part of a new series of hand fabricated pieces using natural minerals.  Most of the stones are very lightly processed, having only one polished face, and a rough edge. A few, like the Charoite, are an asymmetrical shape that is finished on all sides.

Each mounting, or hand built frame, is designed specifically to enhance the qualities of the particular stone it is enclosing. The individual minerals all have symbolic meanings, and the essence of the stone is portrayed in the style of the silver frame that holds it.

These are one-of-a-kind pieces, and sell quickly, often before I can even get them into the public display at a show. I am working on new ones all throughout this holiday season, so if the one you have your eye on is gone, keep a look out for the newest completed works. 

I will be posting photos of them on my public Facebook page, where you can message me and request to purchase that particular piece.

The following photos are of items that are currently available. Please click the photo to be taken to the website for purchase.

Butterfly Wing Labradorite AVAILABLE. Click photo for link.

Floating Lotus Charoite AVAILABLE. Click photo for link.

Green Spark Boulder Opal Ring AVAILABLE. Click photo for link.

Soul Shimmer Boulder Opal Ring AVAILABLE. Click photo for link


The photos below are items that have already sold. I am showing them here so you can see the new possibilities! More like these coming soon .

Larimar variation 2 SOLD

Canadian Jade Bracelet SOLD

Charoite version 2 SOLD

Bolder Opal version 3 SOLD

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