Courage Series Earrings - Balance

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This Series features multiple designs that represent important attributes associated with the overall idea of Courage. Each one features a graphic image of the attribute on one side, and the word on the other. 



In this piece, a crescent Moon has come to earth and is balanced on the tip of an inverted cone. The Cone is an important symbol of power, once used by pagan groups to raise energy and awareness. The members formed a circle, standing shoulder to shoulder. Through chanting, singing, drumming and dancing the people created a Cone of energy with its base in the circle of their bodies, and the focused tip in the center of the circle above their heads as the point of power. This directed energy could then be used to send positive intentions into the world.

The balanced Moon, poised at the point of connected energy, symbolizes the ability to maintain equilibrium while focusing energy. You can raise intent from the ground up, and distribute the creative force equally. Let the cooling, receptive aspects of the Moon create poise in your most energetic intentions, and help you create perfect Balance.



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Courage Series Earrings - Balance
Courage Series Earrings - Balance