Courage Series Earrings - Connection

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This Series features multiple designs that represent important attributes associated with the overall idea of Courage. Each one features a graphic image of the attribute on one side, and the word on the other. 



The intertwined curves in this piece are symbolic of the ways in which our paths cross with others. The arc of each curve represents a deep energy exchange between people who are present and attentive. That contact has the power to deepen the moment, inspire change and build trust.

Connection with others builds resilience, the ability to bounce back after stressful situations, which is strengthened when you give and receive support. If we are positive in our interactions with each other, our bonds are strengthened and we can flourish in our tribe.

These pieces can be worn as single charms, earrings, or as components in a bracelet.


This page is for earrings only.

For a matching single charm to these earrings please see the Courage Charm Page.

You can also go to the Courage Earring Page to see other styles in this series.

To order a Courage Charm bracelet using this style please go to Courage Charm Bracelet Order Form .

Courage Series Earrings - Connection
Courage Series Earrings - Connection