Courage Series Earrings - Rest

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This Series features multiple designs that represent important attributes associated with the overall idea of Courage. Each one features a graphic image of the attribute on one side, and the word on the other. 



This image shows the Sphere floating between two hills, beside a steady flowing stream. All the spheres that appear in the Courage series represent the Self, the primary core of our being. It is easy to decorate the essential self with many labels but in this series, all artifice is released, distilled down to a perfect floating orb suspended in space and time.

If we can align ourselves with this idea, that we are perfect in our core, and that we can be softly supported, without any visible touch, in a peaceful valley by a gentle stream, we can Rest, recharge, and find freshness in our lives again. Give yourself permission to stop striving for a little while, and create the internal, emotional space you need to breathe without efforting.



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Courage Series Earrings - Rest
Courage Series Earrings - Rest