Courage Series Earrings - Shelter

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This Series features multiple designs that represent important attributes associated with the overall idea of Courage. Each one features a graphic image of the attribute on one side, and the word on the other. 



In this charm the Sphere is resting quietly inside a sturdy Shelter. The two solid uprights and substantial top create an open sided space perfect for Sheltering. Although many of us have come to view that word differently since we are living in a time where we must stay at home much more than usual, the original intention of this design is to celebrate the place you feel most safe and secure.

The three sided shape allows air and light to move around the core of self, represented by the Sphere, while still offering great protection. In such a space you can relax and feel free to let your guard down. Relish the Shelter you have, and remember how precious it is to have a safe, personal space. From such a vantage you can offer the idea of emotional protection to any situation which might need it. Shelter in spirit all those you can, your intention goes a long way towards making a difference.



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Courage Series Earrings - Shelter
Courage Series Earrings - Shelter