Flower Charms

Flower Charms

The Hidden Meanings of Flowers
Originally from the Ottoman Empire in Turkey, the Language of Flowers was first imported to Europe in the early 1700's. It gain the height of its popularity in Victorian England, but was also well known in other parts of Europe and America.

There were many books written on the subject, and almost all had numerous definitions for each of the flowers. The overall idea used flowers as a means of covert communication, since direct courtship and intimacy was prescribed by strict social rules.

In addition to becoming a means to create visual and tactile poetry the Victorian interest in the emotional meanings of flowers was also due to a growing fascination with the science of the natural world and the study of botany.

The meanings for the flowers that I suggest in my collection are by no means the only ones. A small amount of online research will fascinate you with all the others.

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