World Tree

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DNA strands of winding trunk
strong old tree, wise in the world
sheltered beauty of dark and light

This Pendant, called World Tree, draws on the mysteries of time and nature to exemplify our own life cycle.

Like us, Trees start small and spend years getting established. They need quantities of fresh water, using it as the basis for their circulation, as we do. Trees grow best in healthy communities, creating entire ecosystems for other life forms. Their health, and the health of the forests they live in, are symbols of inter-connectedness. Their quiet example is a beacon for vibrant, supportive human growth.

These enduring and majestic life forms reach down deep into the Earth, establishing strong roots so they can stand tall against all kinds of weather. Their ability to survive adversity and continue to flourish is a hopeful symbol for our own journey through life.

In this pendant, I show the Tree with a spiral trunk of DNA. The Sun, Moon Phases and Raven all complement its symbolism. The passage of time is measured in the phases of the Moon, and the rising and setting of our star, the Sun.

The Raven is the Messenger, bringing hidden information to the fore, reminding us that there is knowledge and power in understanding the challenges of life. Raven also assures us that if we can move forward, we can gain great wisdom.

On the reverse side of the pendant, two human hands lift towards the sky, releasing their intent into the heavens above. These hands also receive, open to catch the bounty from the Universe. Just like the branches of a tree, the fingers lift towards the starry sky, connecting us to the power of all living things and the great Wheel that is Time.

Carved front and back. Measurements including bail 1 5/16” L x 1 1/16“ W x 3/16“ D. Shown on the 3mm Wheat Chain, sold separately.

World Tree
World Tree
World Tree
World Tree