The Art of Runes, Part 2

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The Art of Runes, Part 2
Symbolic Stories : Casting and Reading the Runes

Build on what you learned in Part 1 with a more detailed connection to the ancient practice of casting Runes. Meet the Runes on a deeper level, and do your first reading of a Three Rune Spread.

We will draw Runes for the whole class on a common theme that might be useful to all and work with the Runes through some of my favorite interpretations. This will give you a sense of the Runes as a system of related symbols and concepts that can illuminate issues in our modern lives. 

Once you get a feel for how Runic Readings are done, you will be able to use the communal Rune Set to draw your individual Three Rune Spread, and spend some time working with the symbols of the three Runes you chose.

I will explain the reading you received out loud with the class, and you can choose to share the accuracy of the reading in your current life if you would like, or you can use the interpretation privately for direction in your next inquiry. The goal is to introduce you to understanding specific combinations of the Runes as they occur in the Three Rune Spread, and ways to use that information as a guide for contemplation.

If there is time, we can do group readings for each other. This will help you get a sense of how Rune meanings apply in different situations, and some of the many interpretations possible. If you prefer to do a second set of three Runes to read for yourself privately, that is also an option. 

Materials will be provided for you to have a basic reference sheet and workbook for your first readings.

Class time is two hours.

If you'd like to attend a class, please email me at  for the current schedule.

If you'd like to set up a workshop for a group of friends, please let me know, I especially enjoy working with groups of connected people!

If you would like a private workshop, a condensed version of Runes 1 and 2  is available for individuals or pairs. Please choose the Private Session in the menu, and email me to co-ordinate schedules.

Be sure to book early for significant dates, specially during the summer show schedule. I'd like to be able to see you as close to an important time as possible.