Workshops and Classes

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Learn the Principals of the Ancient Ways 

The Art of Runes, Part 2
Symbolic Stories : Casting and Reading the Runes

The Art of Runes, Part 3
The Way of the Maker, Crafting Runes by Hand

Emotional Freedom Technique
Simple, Everyday Approach to Significant Stress Reduction  

The Cosmic Pattern of your life, as reflected in the Stars of your Astrological Chart

Symbols and Daily Rituals
~ How we speak to Ourselves and Each Other through Time Honored Images ~

Chakras, the Seven Centers
~ Energy Points in the Body for Spiritual Awareness ~

Glass Mosaics
~ Create a 6 x 6 tile with brilliantly colored NW made Art Glass ~

Paper Lanterns
~ Bring Light into your home with Mulberry Paper from Thailand ~