Celtic Heart Charm

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This highly detailed heart is one unbroken line of intricate knot-work. The openings between the weaving are pierced through, and the loops themselves are deeply carved to show how they intertwine. 

The fluid line woven into a striking pattern is a reminder of the continuous quality of love and the way it moves through time. This heart is also meant to remind you of the enduring nature of strong, loving bonds. Its traditional Celtic form is smooth and flowing to the touch, allowing quiet reflection in its bright surfaces.

Wearing this charm can help you unravel previously difficult situations with ease from the calm center of love.

Made from Sterling Silver, and hand carved on both sides. 
This charm is 1/2” wide x 5/8" tall.

This charm has a larger matching Pendant.
Celtic Heart Charm Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry
Celtic Heart Charm Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry