Cliff Heart Pendant

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Cliff Heart
This two sided pendant shows a rocky path on the edge of a cliff on one side, and a figure dancing along the cliff top on the other.
These images are meant to show that our way is not always clear in life, and that sometime the challenges we are given make us feel that we are out on the edge.
Yet path curves around the corner only just out of sight, and the dancing figure has the fortitude to stay aloft.
This pendant celebrates the possibilities that can come from living where one must be constantly in the present moment and focus on balance.
Although things may feel on edge, when we have the insight and vision to create a level place to stand, even among the rocks, we move closer to realizing our potential.
Vive l'équilibre!!

This solid Sterling Silver heart features a dark antique finish, and has a bail opening of 4mm to take a larger heavyweight chain, or leather choker.

Pendant measures 7/8” x 1 1/8”
Shown on Oval Rolo chain. CHAINS SOLD SEPARATELY
Cliff Heart Pendant
Cliff Heart Pendant
Cliff Heart Pendant
Cliff Heart Pendant