Courage Charm Link Bracelet

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How to order:

- Add the component selection to your cart. The price includes 2 special jump rings on either side of the chain, which are soldered in place for maximum strength and security.

- To build a bracelet with more than one component, add additional selections of each individual component you want to the cart.

-  Be sure to add the Chain selection to your cart too.

- Make sure you select the correct overall length for your custom bracelet.


**You only need to put the bracelet CHAIN selection in the cart ONCE.**

HOW to MEASURE for a BRACELET for the correct length:

Please use a soft cloth measuring tape, like a dress makers tape, to measure the circumference of your wrist. Allow ONLY one finger's width inside the tape and your wrist for clearance. This will let  the bracelet to move freely, but won't make it so long that it droops into your palm while you are actively using your hand.

Standard chain lengths are 6.5", 7", 7.5" and 8".

For a different measurement, please contact me through email :

Courage Charm Link Bracelet
Courage Charm Link Bracelet