Courage Pendant - Nourish

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The imagery on this pendant is inspired by the rolling hills of Eastern Washington, called the Palouse. This rich agricultural area is beautiful in its own right, the changing seasons reflected in the tones of the land. The contours of the fields and wooded hills above them create a rhythm of land forms.

Each time of year in the Palouse has a distinct look and feel and reminds us of the beauty of change. We are also able to participate in the growing cycle, with the fresh tilled earth leading to new shoots in spring, the verdant growth of summer, the golden harvest of fall, and the austere beauty of snow highlighting the earth beneath.

The Palouse represents Nourishment, not only in the crops grown and harvested there, but in the constance presence of change in nature. We can draw sustenance from the cycle, be inspired to nurture our own growth, and find solace in the expanse of land and sky.

Available as a Pendant or Earrings.

Earrings not shown but are offered front and back, so will resemble picture of pendants, only with earwire instead of pendant bail.

For Bracelets, please visit the Oblong Courage Bracelets page.

Pendant is approximately 1 3/8 ths inch long by just over 3/8 ths inch wide. Carved on both sides in solid sterling silver. Chain sold separately.