Earth Element

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The Earth is nurturing, stable, and solid, an Element of endurance and strength. It is a fertile place for growth, a combination of natural components that provide basic nutrients for many life forms.

Connected to the North, the Earth Element is abundant and powerful. Earth can represent the idea of structure, a sense of support and assistance. This can be a deep symbolic thread for those who respond to Earth as an Element.

As a state of matter, Earth occurs as a solid, where the atoms are packed closely together in an ordered pattern and do not shift about, which gives a solid a definite volume and shape.

Use Earth to create grounding in an uncertain situation. As an anchor for many aspects of Self, this Element represents perseverance and constancy. Earth is also a great personal symbol if you are on a quest for stability and strength.

Made from Sterling Silver and hand carved on both sides.
This charm is 5/8" wide x 5/8" tall.

Shown on Square Cable Chain, sold separately.

Earth Element Charm Hand Carved Sterling Silver Jewelry
Earth Element Charm Hand Carved Sterling Silver Jewelry