Geometric Gemstone Stacking Ring Full Set

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Geometric Gemstone Stacking Ring ~ Full Set

The Checkerboard pattern is based on the Square, which is a very stable and solid shape in geometry. The Square represents the four directions, the four seasons, and the four corners of the earth. This creates a grounding foundation, and provides quiet energy.

The Pyramid pattern uses the Triangle as its concept and reminds us of the positive energy that can be created when we lift our spirits towards the sky. The alternating pattern of upward pointing and reverse Pyramids helps to focus on the returning power one can get from seeking grounding.

The Eternal Circle pattern features a circle with a point in the center in a repeating sequence all the way around the band. Circles have no beginning or end, they are in constant motion around the perimeter At the same time they can also seen as shapes of perfect rest and equanimity.

This particular grouping of rings is a size 5.5 and only sold together.


Made in sterling silver, with natural gemstones. See our Gemstone Attributes page for more information on each gemstone.

These are retired styles and not available in any other size or gemstone combinations.

Geometric Gemstone Stacking Ring Full Set
Geometric Gemstone Stacking Ring Full Set