Oval - Growth Bead

$ 48.00

This bead shows curling vines and leaves moving over its surface. The energy of growing plants is embodied in this pattern, along with the joyous celebration of life seen everywhere there is a garden. The vines are meant to convey the tenacious quality of life, moving ever upward towards the sun.

The growth bead is also a symbol of the cycle of life, as seen in it’s active multiplying phase.

This bead is sized to go perfectly as a centerpiece with any bead from the Elements or Small Accent Beads Group. Also looks amazing on it’s own!
It’s internal diameter is 8mm x 7mm, so it fits on to any neck chain, slide bracelet chain, leather collar, bracelet or cord with a diameter of 6mm or less.

It’s overall size is 7/16" L x 7/16" H x3/8 " D
In metric, 11mm L x 11mm H x 9mm D

Made from Sterling Silver and hand carved all the way around.
Shown on Wheat chain. Chains sold separately.

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