Harmony Pin

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This large piece from the Specialty Group is called the Harmony Pin. It was created during the height of the symbolic whimsy period, when I was still producing work under the Argentum Aurum name.  Its stylized drawings and unusual shape combine to make a striking piece.

In the center is the human figure, arms and legs stretched wide with possibility and movement. There are four spirals around the figure which represent the four directions and also the four elements. These are encircled by points of energy emanating from the open space surrounding the person.

Each of the four quadrants of the design feature a symbolic image. On the bottom is the Hand with Spiral, meant to represent the ways in which our human touch can bring ideas to fruition. Clockwise towards the top is the Flower which symbolizes our connection to nature. The Moon next to it represents the cycles of time and the restful aspects of night. 

At the top, there is a Bird with a Sprig of Leaves in its beak. Birds are renowned for their ability to see tiny details from a great height and so represents vision. The Sprig is the result of careful gathering and planning for the needs of the future. Together they represent insight and freedom of spirit which comes from peace.

The last part of the complete image is the Home. It has a path leading to the front door, meant to represent the journey towards our inner Selves. The Sun shines brightly next to the Home, its heat and energy representing possibility and growth.

The rays of the sun form an energetic pattern at the top half of the pin, while the stippled background at the bottom becomes a pattern of grounding. Taken all together, these symbols represent Harmony.

The pin is 2" from tip to tip, and is solid sterling silver. The back is hollowed out for lighter weight, and inscribed with key words describing the meaning. The pin catch, stem and hinge are all in nickle silver for strength.

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Harmony Pin
Harmony Pin
Harmony Pin