Insight Ring

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This Charoite stone has gorgeous swirls of purple and black, with touches of white. Its tiny dense patterning reminds us to look closely at seemingly small situations to understand their details. We can then take that knowledge out to a wider view, flying above what we don't need to address. That frees us up to get a long distant, yet very keen, insight for the bigger picture of our lives.

Even the underside of this ring is carved, with detailed openings pierced out of the solid silver back to reveal the stone beneath. The bird flying over the mountains design is pierced out of the solid silver underside to reveal the stone. 

Let your experience, in all its highs and lows, give you the power for your continued journey.

The silver work on this nicely weighted ring is comprised of bands of patterns made by different twists of wire. They look like braids, and are offset by beaded rows, meant to break up the visual flow, while accentuating the movement of each.

Stone is 7/8th" long by 1/2th inch wide at the widest point. The thickness of the setting is approx. 3/16.  Band is very low profile for comfort. Stone setting has decorative carving all the way around.

Please note :

Only one available!

This ring has a range from size 6 up to size 9

It is made in such a way that I can size it before I send it to you, BUT only to a size within the listed range above.

***This ring cannot be made smaller or larger than the minimum and maximum size listed.***

PLEASE INCLUDE the EXACT size you need (within that range ONLY)  in the notes on the order page.

Insight Ring
Insight Ring
Insight Ring