Legacy Heart Pendants

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Woven Heart and Fleur de Lis Heart

These two legacy pieces both feature intricate openwork which highlight their curves and lines. They are very limited, with each only having three pieces available.

Fleur de Lis Heart

The Fleur de Lis Heart Pendant uses symbolism based on plant imagery.The shape of the bloom, reminiscent of an orchid, is centered in the heart shape carved from heavyweight silver.

The French name translates literally to “flower of the lily”. This symbol was often embroidered on richly colored robes and silk flags, so that all who saw it would be reminded of the beautiful transcendence of this proud flower.

The Fleur de Lis was often associated with French royalty, although it’s exact origins are not known. It has become a symbol of the city of New Orleans, perhaps because of it's strong French roots.

The lovely openwork shape is airy, despite its substantial edge. Use it to represent a noble and loyal love for the sovereign of your heart!

Shown on Byzantine Chain, sold separately

Woven Heart

This pendant, of my own intricately woven design of looping crescents, is meant to represent the strength and energy of closely knit emotional structures. Like human tribes, the imagery of this heart brings together different aspects to create a beautiful whole. Each swooping arc represents intention and focus, echoing our ability to interact and work together. 

Many cultures have used knot work to symbolize connection between its members and a wider spiritual perspective. My interpretation draws on the modern use of the word “tribal” . A synthesis of patterns from around the globe, this style of interlocking arcs reminds us of the importance of crossing paths with others. Our human network relies on the kinship created when we recognize the similarities in each other.

Shown on Oval Rolo chain sold separately.

Legacy Heart Pendants
Legacy Heart Pendants
Legacy Heart Pendants