Lotus Flower Charoite Earrings

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The wild purple swirls of Charoite make it a favorite among gem lovers. Composed of up to seven different minerals, some only in trace amounts, this gem is universally thought to connect one to a higher emotional plane, opening up the third eye and crown chakras at the same time, and allowing for unprecedented insight.

These highly wearable earrings feature a book matched pair of Charoite, where the pattern is revealed in matching left and right striations. The low profile of the cabochon dome shows a beautiful stretch of color, without being too heavy.

The lotus carved on the back of each earring is an age old and almost universal symbol of the search for enlightenment. The matching blooms become the focal point of the dark purple swirling stones seen through the openings cut in the silver, rising up against the deep background, and just touching the moon and four point direction star. 

This is meant to remind the wearer of one's  place in the moment, while being part of the flow of the Universe.

These Charoite gems measures  1" long by 1/2" wide x 1/8" thick. They are set in sterling silver frame.

They are the lightest of all the earrings available.

Only one pair available!

Lotus Flower Charoite Earrings
Lotus Flower Charoite Earrings