Phoenix Cuff Bracelet

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Small but Mighty! This wide leather cuff bracelet features my hand carved, sterling silver Phoenix. This mythological bird rises in rebirth, its crest raised towards the sky.

The meticulously carved feathers have eyes scattered through them, meant to mimic plumage, but also remind us that it takes vision and insight to rise above  personal difficulties.

Wear this piece to celebrate your powerful intent and your ability to express yourself with an unequivocal statement of BE-ing. 

This cuff bracelet features a double prong closure on a hand stitched custom made leather cuff, with a caramel toned body and deep espresso stitching. This beautiful leather will deepen and get more supple with wearing, and is meant to conform exactly to fit your wrist.

It will is a small size and will fit only a  6.75" dia. or less wrist.  Are you the right person for this piece? 

There were originally three variations of this cuff, and this is the last one ever to be made. What a statement piece!