Ram Ear Coil

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These unusual earrings are modeled after a tribal style, where an curving piece of material, usually horn, wood or bone, was used to create a dramatic piercing in the ear. This piercing often was increased in size and diameter over time, to allow larger and larger jewelry to be worn in the opening made in living tissue. At once a statement of power and also of bravery, for the process was part of ritual, these type of warrior ornaments were symbols of status, clan affiliations, and beauty. 

In the last decade or so, this ancient tradition has become part of modern day culture. In the growing urban fascination with outsider ways, this style of earring, know now as a Gauged earring, has become a way for people to enact a connection to a time when such decorative and status bearing forms of body adornment were an important part of cultural communication.

I call my version Coils, and rather than stretching or enlarging a pierced lobe, my earrings have a simple post that passes through the ear. Made in two parts, with an average size post which most people can wear comfortably, these Coils replicate the look of today's modern gauge earrings. The post on the smaller side of the earring fits into a rubber socket on the larger side. 

My coils can be worn either way, with the larger curve or the smaller spiral in the front. In both variations, the earring appears to disappear, at its larger diameter, into the earlobe. Yet there is no discomfort or permanent alteration! You can still wear earrings of all other kinds with no distortion of your original piercing. It is all of the look and feel of ancient tribal ornamentation, with none of the drawbacks!