Scroll Heart Charm

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This heart-shaped charm shows the curling, twirling branches of a vine, whose leaves sprout from many connection points along the stem.

The pattern is meant to remind us that development can take many paths, although it may not move in a straight line. Insight and personal knowledge comes from using each sweep of direction to bring yourself closer to the light of understanding. Gentle encouragement is essential to thrive.

The asymmetrical shape of the charm accentuates the unique opportunities for growth, and represents the ability of love to reach ever upwards, from a strong, rooted base, past any boundaries, towards the sky.

Made from Sterling Silver, and hand carved on both sides.
This charm is 5/8” wide x 5/8" tall.

This charm has a larger matching Pendant.
Scroll Heart Charm Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry
Scroll Heart Charm Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry