Season's Tree Charm

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The Tree in this charm shows bare branches on one side, and branches with leaves on the other. It represents the cycles of life. The side that has bare branches is meant to remind us of the importance of rest, of taking time to gather our resources for periods of growth and energy. We often forget that quiet time is vital to our well-being.

The leafy side of this charm reminds us of the beauty and fullness of summer; a time of fruition and fulfillment. Leaves are the expression of the time needed for growth, and the significance of accomplishment.

Both sides of this charm show the roots of the Tree, which provide grounding and connection to the Earth.

Made from Sterling Silver, and hand carved on both sides. 
This charm is 5/8” wide x 1/2" tall.

Shown on Square Cable chain, sold separately.

Season's Tree Charm Hand Carved Sterling Silver Jewelry
Season's Tree Charm Hand Carved Sterling Silver Jewelry