Spiral Return Labradorite Earrings

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This is another pair of rare matched stones, although the color and pattern are quite different. These gems have a curved striation throughout, almost like waves on a beach. The pattern is so regular, yet the color changes from bright blue to lime green within this small vertical space.

The wave pattern and the color shift remind one of the orderly patterns in nature, a Fibonacci pattern of growth that occurs again and again.

This Spiral Return also reminds us that while the waves may seem very similar, they are in fact different , if only based solely on position in the progression. Such an observation can remind us that all things are relative, and that the correct perspective can change what appears to be a repetition.

Let the moving pattern of the Spiral Return remind you to keep watch of where you are as you move forward.
These earrings have a medium weight when worn, be cautious if you have delicate ears.

Only one pair available!

Spiral Return Labradorite Earrings
Spiral Return Labradorite Earrings