Stomach Charm

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From the Anatomy Series, this charm collection features intricately hand carved human organs. They are a reminder that the mysteries of our emotional feelings are often rooted in our supporting internal structures. The hidden aspects of our inner workings are often centered in our minds and spirits, but each internal organ plays a part in our well-being, whether we are aware of it or not.

These charms are a way for us to bring the individual organs into the light so we may connect our inner and outer perspectives. They can help provide deeper understanding through self-reflection, leading to strength and nurturing for these unseen but vital aspects of ourselves.

The Stomach/Intestine helps us digest what we take in, even that which is unexpected or unwanted. It is the center of a deep internal knowledge, our intuition about emotional matters. “Going with your gut” is a way to be responsive to the nonverbal messages we get from our bodies.

The Stomach/Intestine charm can also be worn to enhance the physical energy needed for healing various illnesses associated with the structure of the stomach and intestine system, or emotional disorders relating to being able accept nourishment (love) deeply into our spiritual bodies.

Made from Sterling Silver and hand carved on both sides. 
This charm is 5/8" wide x 7/8" tall.

Shown on Square Cable Chain


Stomach Charm
Stomach Charm
Stomach Charm