The Art of Runes, Part 1

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 The Art of Runes, Part 1

Learn the Principals of the Ancient Ways 

 Come spend some time delving into some of the mysteries of the ancient Runes. This workshop is designed to give you an overview of the Runes from their origins into modern usage. A basic introduction is provided through lecture and printed material.

 Runes are a form of visual language, whether we consciously know how to "speak" them or not. They are subconscious aids for understanding our own motivations and refer to ancient archetypes that have meaning and common ground in our modern lives. Working with the Runes can help establish deep connections to the intuitive parts of our Selves.

 Runes help us find ways to return our original sense of wholeness - of the Self with a capital "S". We are born with this innate knowledge, but the challenges of modern life can make us lose touch of this essential connection. We realize our intuitive awareness is out of step with what is truly important in our heart of hearts. We feel off balance and look for ways towards the center of wholeness within.

 The Runes provide gentle direction and guide you with your own intuition. Although the symbols are ancient, they are still within your consciousness. Their patterns help you with a fresh perspective for your life. Let the quiet ways of the ancient Runes aid you in the journey towards self-discovery.

 Class includes an introduction to the 25 Runes, a brief explanation of their meanings, and ideas for use in daily practice or as a tool for clarity with specific events or circumstances.

Class time is 1.5 hours.

If you'd like to attend a class, please email me at  for the current schedule.

If you'd like to set up a workshop for a group of friends, please let me know, I especially enjoy working with groups of connected people!

If you would like a private reading, which is not based on the workshop but a one -on-one interpretation of a particular layout we do together in person,  please choose the Personal Reading in the menu, and email me to co-ordinate schedules.

Be sure to book early for significant dates, specially during the summer show schedule. I'd like to be able to see you as close to an important time as possible.