The Art of Runes, Part 3

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The Art of Runes, Part 3
The Way of the Maker, Crafting Runes by Hand
Continue your connection to the ancient Runes by working directly with your creative Self. Once you have understood some of the underlying principals of the Runes, and you are ready to go a step further, this class will provide you with ideas for creating a working set of Runes for your own use.
Discover how to make Runes using basic materials. This class will focus on tangible methods for creating a set of Runes that are uniquely personal. There will be some historical background on the various materials ancient cultures used to make the Runes, and instruction on how to create few of the Runes that speak most to you right now.
We will make five (5) Runes you choose in class. Wood and pigment to create these will be provided. You will also receive a template of the symbols to complete your set using materials and coloring agents you obtain yourself. Resources will be provided on how and where you can get the components you need to carve your own Runes.
This section of my Rune workshop will give you an opportunity to build on the first two classes, where you will gain enough understanding and intention to create a Rune Set for yourself.
Class time is 2.5 hours.
You must take the other Runes workshops or have a private session in order to sign up  for this last section. A minimum of four people are needed for the class.
If you'd like to attend a class, please email me at  for the current schedule.
If you would like a private workshop, a condensed version of Runes 1 and 2  is available for individuals or pairs.
If you'd like to set up a workshop for a group of friends, please let me know, I especially enjoy working with groups of connected people!