Tribe Pin

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The original title of this large pin from the Specialty group was Balance, Integration and Diversity. I have renamed it the Tribe Pin, because the original title reflects the underlying elements I would like to see reflected in our current society.

It is my hope that we can all live together in a well balanced society brimming with diversity.  In a closely knit Tribe, we value each other, even as we are care for our own selves.

This piece has many subtle symbols which create the design. The external shape itself recalls a Heart with a Crown of Fire from traditional Mexican folklore motifs.

Around the edge are a daisy chain of little human figures, connected one to the other. They support each other while at the same time rely on each other to provide balance and strength.

At the top, the human figure with arms upraised celebrates the solidarity of the Tribe, while still remaining true to the individual Self. One of the most important things about being part of community is recognizing and support the individuals, and giving them room to grow.

These connected figures frame an internal scene with a life giving Sun, a time passing Moon, universal Stars, and some Sprigs of plant life. These symbols combine as a metaphor of life on our planet. The forces of nature create growth. The cycles of the Sun and Moon reflect the change and renewal that are such a part of our existence.

In the very center of this pin there is another Heart, this one radiant with energy. In the heart's center there is the symbol of crossroads; four lines with an open center. It represents the four directions and the various paths we can move toward throughout our lives.

This is a larger piece, at approximately 1.75" long by 1.5" wide. It is solid sterling silver, with nickle pin findings for extra strength. The pin stem is riveted into the hinge for extra security, and the pin catch has a rotating lock to help hold it in place.

This piece is circa 1998 or so and still carries the original Argentum Aurum copyright. It is one of the few signed pieces.


Tribe Pin
Tribe Pin
Tribe Pin