Winged Heart Charm

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The ability to fly seems enchanting. How wonderful to be able to float in the sky! We could rise above the everyday and see our world with sharp, fresh eyes.
As a symbol, wings can help us achieve the perspective needed to create change and growth. Sometimes the long view is necessary to understand events in our lives.
Upturned wings also reflect our deeply felt emotional states, allowing us to glide aloft with joy. This opening of the Heart in spiritual freedom allows us to look forward and reach upward.
A subtler message in this pendant are the two heart shapes created by the curving contact of the upturned wings. This pairing of hearts creates open space full of joined potential; an essential component of True Love.

Made from Sterling Silver, and hand carved on both sides.
This charm is 9/16” wide x 3/4" tall 

This charm has a larger matching Pendant.
Winged Heart Charm Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry
Winged Heart Charm Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry