Spiritual Meanings of Gems ~ Iolite

This series focuses on the significant emotional and spiritual properties of  Gems. These dazzling Earth Treasures have been admired through the centuries, their beauty and rarity making them objects of reverence and desire.

Each culture who has worked with these minerals formed their own interpretations of the stone's meaning, including our own modern culture. These writings come from decades of research and my own direct experience in working with these stones.

Each individual stone is unique, and its story starts with knowledge of the specific mineral it comes from. The interpretations of meanings in each gem come down through the ages and still resonate with us today. The color and sparkle of a natural Gemstone is like nothing else on Earth.


The name "Iolite" comes from the Greek word for violet. The physical chemistry of this stone allows it to transmit light from different directions, which can change the appearance of the color. Seen from an angle, Iolite can appear deep blue in one direction, then pale blue in another. In some specimens it can seem almost colorless when the stone is turned to the third direction. Most stones are cut to take advantage of the intensity of deep blue, which is the prevailing tone.

The Vikings made use of Iolite's ability to diffract light by using thin slices of the stone as a light polarizer. By observing the sky through an Iolite, the Viking navigators were able to locate the exact position of the sun on overcast days. Iolite does what sunglass lenses do - it cancels out haze, mist, and clouds to make things appear clearer. In fact, the stone has been called the "Viking's Compass." As an amulet, Iolite was thought to bring travelers safely home.

Iolite is often called "Water Sapphire" because of the deep blue color. It is a stone of the Third-Eye Chakra, and is said to help bring intuition and insight. This allows Iolite to be an aid for those who are seeking the Spiritual Self. Iolite can help one to recognize the voice within. It aids the Self by supporting the ability to be fluid and constant, like water.

Iolite resonates with the energy of twilight, a beautiful violet-blue that stimulates quiet self awareness. It is said to help strengthen one's resolve to face adversity, and provides self-assurance and endurance.

Its shifting shades of violet-blue allow the energy of Iolite to help in recovering emotional balance. Iolite can also inspire creative self-expression through artistic endeavors. 

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