Courage Charm - Strength

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The Courage Charm Series features multiple designs that represent important attributes associated with the overall idea of Courage. Each one features a graphic image of the attribute on one side, and the word on the other. 



The half sphere or full bowl that rests at the top of this image is supported by two strong pillars topped with a sturdy lintel, or crossbeam. The full weight of the bowl is not seen, yet we can imagine, from the suggestion of the unseen half, the amount of weight placed on the columns and crossbar.

Perhaps, when you feel weighed down, you might see the columns and lintel as your own torso and shoulders. This charm and its keyword are meant to remind you that you have the strength to bear whatever weight might be placed on you.

Even if the weight is something you did not consciously decide to carry with you, there are untapped abilities you  might not know were a deep part of you. Until we are challenged to carry a heavy load, we do not know our own Strength.

Another way to look at the image on this charm is of the sun or moon touching the top of a three stone doorway. Imagine Stonehenge and the incredible power that came from being part of a celestial celebration. With the collective energy of the tribe you can take yourself back to an ancient time when you were in touch with the spirit world. 

Draw on the strength of the Earth, the great trees and magnificent animals which can lend you their power. By tuning in to that primal energy you can be reminded of your own strong life force.

These pieces can be worn as single charms, earrings, or as components in a bracelet. You can choose the style you want from the drop down menu.

A quick note:

To order a Courage Charm bracelet made just for you, please  select the BRACELET COMPONENT  and add to your cart.

Then choose the OVERALL chain length you would like and add it to the cart.

Please do NOT add a single charm for a bracelet component, it doesn't have the right configuration of jump rings and can't be used to make a bracelet.

For a bracelet with more than one charm, you can go to each different page, or go to Courage Charm Bracelet Order Form  to build your bracelet directly.

All five choices and the chain length selections are on one convenient page.

Bracelets are made to order and take 1-3 weeks for delivery depending on available stock.



Courage Charm - Strength
Courage Charm - Strength
Courage Charm - Strength
Courage Charm - Strength
Courage Charm - Strength
Courage Charm - Strength