Courage Charm - Center

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The Courage Charm Series features multiple designs that represent important attributes associated with the overall idea of Courage. Each one features a graphic image of the attribute on one side, and the word on the other. 



This charm has a strong spiral which enters into the square space from the top left as you wear the piece with the spiral facing out.

The left side represents our intuition and our subconscious. It allows us to receive information in a gentle way, being receptive to quiet aspects of the Self. The spiral coils down, drawing you in to the center of the space made by the strong arm of direction.

Energy can flow easily in this position, towards the core of your being. At the Center you can store this energy so it will be available whenever you should need to refresh your spirit.

Your center can be a place of refuge, but also, of rejuvenation. You have all the resources you need in this quiet, internal space. From here you can gather intent and focus on being strong in the wide world beyond.

These pieces can be worn as single charms, earrings, or as components in a bracelet. You can choose the style you want from the drop down menu.

A quick note:

To order a Courage Charm bracelet made just for you, please  select the BRACELET COMPONENT  and add to your cart.

Then choose the OVERALL chain length you would like and add it to the cart.

Please do NOT add a single charm for a bracelet component, it doesn't have the right configuration of jump rings and can't be used to make a bracelet.

For a bracelet with more than one charm, you can go to each different page, or go to Courage Charm Bracelet Order Form  to build your bracelet directly.

All five choices and the chain length selections are on one convenient page.

Bracelets are made to order and take 1-3 weeks for delivery depending on available stock.


Courage Charm - Center
Courage Charm - Center
Courage Charm - Center
Courage Charm - Center
Courage Charm - Center
Courage Charm - Center