Astral Blue Pendant

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This double sided Larimar pendant can be worn either way, with the stone side facing out, or the carving side showing.

This intriguing blue stone has a starburst pattern on the front with white bands like the arms of the star radiating from a small blue circle. This unusual pattern is emphasized on the reverse, with two stars riding the surf under a crescent moon.

The wirework pattern on the edge features a large beaded pattern on the bottom, like drops of water around the edge of a pool. This is followed by two different twists, which bring energy and interaction to the setting.

This overall imagery reminds us to reach towards our most distant goals, while remaining in touch with the life giving waters of day to day experience. Wear this pendant to honor the numerous small moments that comprise a life well lived, and use the clarity of the blue color to give voice to your inner truths, by word or action.

Stone measures 1 & 1/8" long by 7/8" wide by 1/4" thick, not including the jump ring bail where the chain goes through. 

Only one available!

Shown on the Byzantine Chain.

** Please note chains are sold separately, and you can find a great selection in different styles and lengths here on the Chains Page. **

Astral Blue Pendant
Astral Blue Pendant
Astral Blue Pendant