Azure Flow Pendant

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This double sided labradorite pendant can be worn either way, with the stone side facing out, or the carving side showing.

The This lovely oval pendant has a deep blue overall color with flashes of yellow on the reverse side. The striated horizontal bands are reminiscent of a horizon glmipsed out at the farthest edge of the sea. The yellow glow could represent morning or evening, with the sun rising or perhaps, beginning to set.

On the reverse rolling waves are depicted under the many rayed sun, leaping above the surface, and flowing smoothly below.

The wirework around the stone consists of two beaded layers with a twist in between. The beads can be thought of drops of water, their endless magnitude adding up to the full flow of the ocean. The twist is a symbols of time, its revolutions reminding one how time seems to shift while also always moving forward.

Wear this delicate pendant as an everyday reminder of the ebb and flow of life, time, and the rolling nature of our perceptions.

Stone measures 1 " long by 3/8" wide by 3/16" thick, not including the jump ring bail where the chain goes through. 

Only one available!

Shown on the Mini Box Chain.

** Please note chains are sold separately, and you can find a great selection in different styles and lengths here on the Chains Page. **

Azure Flow Pendant
Azure Flow Pendant
Azure Flow Pendant