Star Tide Pendant

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This double sided Larimar pendant can be worn either way, with the stone side facing out, or the carving side showing.

The bright patterning in this lovely stone suggest looking at a white sand ocean floor through the brilliant waters of a tropical sea. The colored ripples seem to play across the surface of this gem. On the reverse, playful waves support a rising Star and a sliver of crescent moon.

The wirework edge features three levels, a deep twist on the bottom, a dotted row like drops of water in the middle, and another twist at the top. This regular pattern represents the endless cycles of nature and water's important role in the patterns of life.

Wear this pendant to express your connection to the movement that the cycles of time bring to your life, day by day, month by month, and year by year.Use this constancy to aid your ability to see clearly and with appreciation for your surroundings.

Stone measures 1" long by 7/8" wide by 1/4" thick, not including the jump ring bail where the chain goes through. 

Only one available!

Shown on the Oval Rolo Chain.

** Please note chains are sold separately, and you can find a great selection in different styles and lengths here on the Chains Page. **

Star Tide Pendant
Star Tide Pendant
Star Tide Pendant