Strength Ruby Crystal Pendant

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Deep red and mauve tones show off the hexagonal structure in this pair of raw Ruby Crystals. The stones have an internal glow, especially in strong light. They have a combined weigh of 7.17 carats and are set in a one-of-a-kind, hand-fabricated sterling silver mounting.

One of only two double gem mountings in this collection. This charming pendant has full movement between the bail and the two crystals. This action allows each of the components to add movement to the message of their symbolism.

The top crystal has three moons to hold the gem, and their smooth bright curves set of the glow in the smaller stone. The reverse side of the top setting shows a Sun, a symbol of the energy and creativity that the stone shows in strong light.

The bottom crystal has series of stars to hold the stone, which has a darker edge that sets off the same pink center of the top stone. These stars remind us of possibilities, their numbers helping us to see that there is not one path ahead, but many.

On the reverse of the lower stone, a single Tree is shown before a Mountain. A crescent Moon hangs in the sky. This image symbolizes the ability we have to stand tall and grow strong through day and night, and reminds us to stay rooted in the Earth.

The handmade bail is formed from two layers of silver, the top one pierced out and soldered to the inner sleeve. It shows Moon and Star on the front, and a single large Star on the reverse. This imagery further reminds us to stay connected to our inspiration.

Pendant measures 1 & 1/4” tall x ½” wide by 5/16th” deep. Chains are NOT included. Shown on the Mini Cable Chain.

Please Note:

Be sure to look at the dimensions of this pendant in the photo of Actual Size. These are smaller crystals and should not be mistaken for larger pieces. The prices reflect the unusual nature of the stones, their color and tone, and the high degree of detail and complexity in their one-of-a-kind, hand-made mountings.

Ruby Mineralogy and Meaning

All natural Rubies have imperfections within them, including color impurities and inclusions of Rutile needles known as “silk.” These inclusions help distinguish natural Ruby from synthetics and when structurally oriented so the light shines off the “silk” in certain ways, the inclusions can increase the rarity and value of the stone, such as Ruby whose inclusions form the shape of a six-pointed star.

The raw Ruby crystals in this collection are cut and polished on the top and bottom of the crystal, but the hexagonal sides are original to the raw gemstone. These natural edges help emphasize the emotional qualities of the gemstone, and remind us how we are each unique in our own pattern and structure.

This gem mineral can enhance our personal fortitude helping to amplify courage and strength. The changeable red tones of Ruby resonate with the spark and zest for life, and can help encourage us to follow our inner flame. In difficult situations the tough nature of the mineral itself becomes a symbol of our own ability to overcome negative aspects in the moment. Ruby is a reminder to develop tolerance and stay strong in the face of change.

Ruby can help us focus on what is important to us with a clear mind, increased concentration and motivation. It is said to assist in personal power, self-confidence and determination. Wear this gemstone to help relieve lethargy and exhaustion. It can help stimulate circulation and can amplify energy and vitality.

Strength Ruby Crystal Pendant
Strength Ruby Crystal Pendant
Strength Ruby Crystal Pendant
Strength Ruby Crystal Pendant
Strength Ruby Crystal Pendant