Warrior ~ Teiwaz Rune

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Nordic Runes

The Norse Rune or "letter" featured on one side of my Runes is taken from a writing system called Elder Futhark. There are many explanations of this Norse writing system in both classical and popular literature, with a great deal of discussion as to their actual "meaning". There is debate about their origin and specific meanings, but despite these mysteries, the power of Runic symbols has intrigued people for centuries.

The image side of every Rune represents the emotional attributes of its Nordic letter as I see it. They are my own creations, based on decades of working with Runes for personal guidance. I named each of them based on my own perspective of the overall meaning for the traditional Norse symbol. Like many image systems created by humans, these can be interpreted in many ways. I will be posting an in-depth description for each image soon.  

These beautiful pieces are heavyweight, with deep carvings on both sides of the Rune. You can wear them as a charm hanging from a bracelet, or as a pendant hanging from a necklace chain.

Each Rune comes with a jump ring large enough to thread on a chain.  The one shown is the  2.2mm Square Cable Chain which offered in the Chain section of my online shop. The Runes also look great on my leather chokers.

Runes can be made into earrings, with several options as to how they can be worn. You can choose to make a mix matched pair or a pair of the same style. I can make the image face out in the earrings, or the image and Runic letter, or both sides with the Rune itself. Please specify which way you would like YOUR earrings in the notes section when you order.

The Runes also are available as an in-line bracelet.  Create the story of your own journey by choosing eight Runes that are most important to you.  I will assemble them in your own personal arrangement.

PLEASE NOTE: Bracelet Components come with two jump rings, one at the top, and one at the bottom, and are NOT intended as single charms.

My hand made Runes are solid Sterling Silver and approximately 5/8" high x 7/16" wide x 3/32" deep. For those who think in millimeters, that's 16mm high x 11.5 mm wide x 2.5 mm deep. There are 25 symbols in all, using the traditional 24 Runes, plus one "blank " Rune. To see how I carved the original master pieces, see the process section of my website.

What do the Runes mean for you?

Warrior ~ Teiwaz Rune
Warrior ~ Teiwaz Rune
Warrior ~ Teiwaz Rune
Warrior ~ Teiwaz Rune