About the Artist

Ruly Deen was raised in the Boston area, and studied jewelry making at an early age. She took her first class at age twelve and it became such a passion that she pursued it on her own in high school. 
Ruly earned a BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and for several years after she worked with European craftsmen in the trade. When she moved to the Inland Northwest, the beautiful environment became central to her work. Ruly began adding symbols from many cultures to her jewelry pieces, and created a unique style which she calls "Symbolic Landscape".

Her art starts with detailed drawings of nature combined with ideas and concepts about spirituality and human endeavor. Ruly is fascinated with markings and glyphs of all kinds, and the ways these universal signs can influence emotional environments.

She hangs her conceptual drawings around her work bench, where she carves blocks of wax into intricate, volumetric shapes. Ruly adds detail to every surface, including the front, back and inside of each piece, creating multiple images on one item. 

The traditional technique of lost wax casting is the main process used to render Ruly's miniature sculptures into silver. Often she solders carved pieces together, then add more detail with burs and gravers. Sometimes she builds complex mechanisms for the more involved items including clasps, swivels and hinges. Ruly also loves the color and symbolic significance of gemstones, and these are the focal point in some of the work.

Ruly Deen has spent the last few years attending well-known juried shows under her company name Silver Element Jewelry. She also has a seasonal showroom located in the Kendall Yards District, where she does a number of showings throughout the year.