Gemstone Attributes

Amythest Gemstone

Amethyst calms the emotions, encourages clarity of thought, and assists in attaining wisdom. Amethyst is a stone of the mind which brings calmness and clarity. Amethyst is said to attune its wearer with intuition, feelings and values.

Amethyst has been known as a stone of spirituality and contentment. It can be a powerful healer and protector which can also enhance spiritual awareness. 

Amethyst is said to bestow stability, strength, invigoration, and peace. It is also a stone of meditation, conducting calm energy to help one both enter and maintain the state. 

This beautiful purple gem is the birthstone for February. The Seventh Chakra vibrates to the color of Amethyst.

Blue Topaz Gemstone

Blue Topaz is associated with courage and overcoming fears and obstacles. It is a stone to encourage higher thinking. It is said to ease mental anguish and promote fidelity, friendship, gentleness and integrity. Blue Topaz can be a balancing and calming stone that can release tension. 

Blue Topaz is also said to enhance creativity, individuality, and hope. Blue Topaz is a stone of truth, encouraging you to speak clearly for yourself in all situations. Despite its calming abilities, Blue Topaz can also assist in bolstering strength of character in difficult situations.

This beautiful blue gem is also the birthstone for December, along with the Blue Zircon, a less well know stone. The Fifth Chakra resonates to the color of Blue Topaz.

Citrine Gemstone

Citrine carries the power of the Sun. Its warm color is comforting, energizing and life giving. It stimulates and helps clear the mind. Its vibration awakens creativity and aids the process of transforming ideas into tangible form.

Citrine encourages fullness of life, fresh beginnings and new pursuits. This stone dispels negative energy by grounding it and drawing it away from your aura. It works out problems on both the physical and subtle levels, creating postive thoughts and feelings.

Citrine is an excellent crystal for interpersonal relationships by attracting the bright affections of others and promotes happiness for you and those in contact with you.This bright yellow gem is a fortifying crystal for healers, strengthening inner light and the body's ability to recover.

This beautiful yellow gem can be used as the birthstone for November, instead of the more costly Imperial Topaz. The Third Chakra vibrates to the color of Citrine.

Garnet Gemstone

Garnet is regarded as a stone of passionate devotion toward family, friends, the Self, and one's purpose in life. It is believed to stimulate the senses and increase vitality and stamina. It is said to help one change their world, enhancing the internal fire and bringing creative powers to implementation. 

Garnet emits an energy that can be used to stabilize and produce order within oneself. It can be used to reduce chaos and can be used for situations requiring regeneration. Garnet is a stone of health and enhances energy, passion and pleasure. 

This beautiful deep red gem is the birthstone for January. The First Chakra resonates to the color of Garnet.

Iolite Gemstone

Iolite is said to be a stone of inner vision. It can assist one in achieving a higher awareness level. Iolite is an excellent stone for healing, creating a sense of calm around tense issues. Its deep blue color has the properties of water, increasing our awareness of serenity and peace. It has been called Water Sapphire, although in fact Iolite is a type of Tourmaline.

Iolite can be used to direct gentle intentions towards emotional growth. Its energy can balance disparate aspects of one's character. It can assist in making room for harmony or allowing progression toward the enjoyment of each moment.

This beautiful deep blue gem can be used in place of Sapphire, which is the birthstone for September. The Sixth Chakra resonates to the color of Iolite.

Peridot Gemstone

Peridot is thought to strengthen life, and bring new growth. It can help increase openness to ideas or situations that need receptivity. Peridot is believed to help one understand one's interactions in relationships with others. It's brilliant green color is said to alleviate depression.

Peridot emits a warm and friendly energy. It can be used to magnify the inner aspects of any situation. It helps to regulate all types of cycles in one's life.

Peridot is an excellent healing stone, acting to both strengthen and regenerate the body, and particularly the heart.

This beautiful bright green gem is the birthstone for August. The Fourth Chakra resonates to the color of Peridot.