This gallery highlights recent work. The pieces in these images were each designed around a unique gem. Their hand fabricated silver frames reflect the emotional content of each stone.

The front highlights the gem, the sides show supporting imagery, and the reverse shows the gem as a backdrop for a symbolic carving.

Although each piece shown here has already found it's forever home, you can follow Silver Element Jewelry on Facebook for updates on work in progress and new releases.

Labradorite 4 reverse

HIgh Meadow

Labradorite 4

Labradorite 3

Shooting Star

Labradorite 3, Reverse

Larimar 1

Wild Ocean

Larimar 2

Mystic Night

Mystic Night Detail


Labradorite 2

Evening Tree

Labradorite 2 Reverse

Soul Shimmer

Boulder Opal group 1

Green Spark

Ruby Crystal Hearts

Hearts Detail

Ruby Crystal Reverse

Labradorite 1

Twilight Window

Labradorite 1 reverse

Island Labradorite

Island Detail

Bird Wing Labradorite