Each piece of Silver Element Jewelry has its beginning in hard green wax. Using special sawblades, files and highly sharpened hand tools, I turn blocks of wax into the master carvings which become each piece of jewelry. It takes weeks of work to produce the finished model, which becomes the basis for the process know as lost wax casting. 

In this section, you can see composite photos which show the progression of items as they go from a block of wax to a finished master model. Dozens of individual steps are collected to show how the wax slowly transforms into a piece of jewelry. 




Metal Processing

For metal processing, you can see how I perform additional steps to the raw castings to add parts that can't be cast in place. These procedures involve soldering components to the cast pieces, using an oxygen-propane torch.




Once the work is finished, I do all my own photography and graphics, taking dozens of pictures in different formats to show of the jewelry to its best advantage, and present it for viewing online and in other media applications.