4mm Bracelet

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This unusual bracelet is made of hand cut leather strips of fine grain quality which is braided into a flexible round herringbone pattern. It is very strong and flexible, and takes on a wonderful patina with wear, picking up your natural body oils and becoming even softer and more supple. The bracelet features a knot and loop closure, which is very secure.

IF YOU ARE ORDERING BEADS to go with this leather, please make sure that the diameter of the leather matches the diameter of the beads. 

However, it will work the other way around, and the larger 6mm beads will fit on the narrower 4mm leather, although they will be loose, like with a thinner chain. If you have any questions about the correct pairing of leather and beads, please don't hesitate to contact me directly at silverelementjewelry@gmail.com.

Bracelets are supplied with two black rubber O rings to hold a single bead, or groups of beads precisely where you want on the bracelet. 

Available in black and brown in 7.25", 7.75", 8.25" and 8.75" in length. The longer lengths are to allow for the thickness of the bead(s).
4mm Bracelet
4mm Bracelet