Astrological Reading

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Have you ever wanted to know about your Astrological Chart?

It is a beautiful wheel, divided into twelve parts, which represents the dome of the sky at the moment you were born.

The twelve parts, called Houses, are the stages of action for the Star Constellations,  which represent the Sun Signs. The chart shows the positions of the Planets and the Sun Signs in each of the Houses during your specific Birth Time.

 There is a complex dance between the Planets, Sun Signs, and the lines between them, called Aspects. The four Elements, which have ancient influence over much of how we perceive ourselves in the world, are another major component of your Chart.

 When all these connections are combined and their interactions explained, you can begin to understand your own motivations in the ways in which you relate to the world. 

When I do a reading for you, I create a multi-page report which breaks your personal chart down into the various parts, and explains the relationships between them. 

I will also spend some time helping you understand your chart as a focal point for a wearable talisman. I have a large number of pieces which have deep emotional significance, and I also make many pieces specifically related to Astrology. 

We can create a customized amulet for you using these components, by selecting concepts from your chart and combining them with other symbolic influences which speak to you.

Together, using my knowledge of World Symbol Systems, and your own life experience, we interpret the material in the report to make your own statement with Silver Element Symbolic Jewelry. 

 The complex and fascinating study of Astrology can take years to perfect.  Since I am in the early stages of seeking my own knowledge, my readings are only $40. Learn along with me in this very affordable but rigorous study of your astrological chart.

To order, choose the type of reading you want from the menu, then provide the exact date, time of birth, and location where you were born in the notes section. In a few days, I will generate your personal report, and email it to you.  

Interpretive consultations can be done by phone, and usually last 15 minutes. These are included with the cost of the initial chart reading.  Additional consultation is available for $30. per half hour. Questions can be answered by email if you prefer.

In a few days, I will generate your personal report, and email it to you. When you have a chance to absorb some of the ideas, we can chat on the phone or online for a deeper understanding.

Then, if you wish, we can discuss recommendations for an amulet, should you want to emphasize the chart by wearing significant aspects or imagery.

Astrological Reading
Astrological Reading