Blaze Heart

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brilliant passionate intensity
flames flaring side by side,
moving, stylized fire

This asymmetrical pendant made from dancing flames expresses heartfelt warmth and an inner glow. Fire in motion shows energy, playfulness, and depth of feeling. These flames are fueled by the open center, full of possibility.

The Element of Fire banishes the dark, keeps us warm, and fuels our intentions. Like all Elements, Fire also has a wild side. When we respect and honor its intrinsic essence we can enjoy Fire without danger. Fire needs Air to breathe, Earth for fuel, and Water to temper it, so all four Elements are invoked in Fire's company. Fire also represents devotion, as in an Eternal Flame.

This pendant is deeply carved and feels wonderful in the hand. Its substantial weight makes it a pleasure to wear. Measurements including bail 1 ½” L x 1 1/16” W x 3/16" D. Shown on 3mm Wheat chain, sold separately.

Blaze Heart
Blaze Heart