Courage Series Charms - Courage

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The Courage Charm Series features multiple designs that represent important attributes associated with the overall idea of Courage. Each one features a graphic image of the attribute on one side, and the word on the other. 



This charm shows a slim crescent shaped bowl supporting a small sphere, balanced on the very edge of a square structure.

Think of yourself as the sphere, cradled by the bowl of your own good intentions, even as you perch out on the leading edge of a situation. You are poised, balanced at the tip of possibility, your equilibrium held at level despite the sharp fulcrum of your current conditions.

Your personal progress may depend on a heightened awareness of your current situation. It may feel risky and a bit unstable, yet, the balance and support you choose to make for yourself will give you the Courage to remain poised.

It is here where the idea of Courage is most in focus, by acknowledging fear while  remaining firm. Use this image and key word to remind yourself of the strength, calm and balance you have created for yourself by being courageous.


This page is for the single charm/small square pendant only.

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To order a single, double, triple or multiple in-line bracelet, you can go to the Courage Series Bracelet Order Form .

Courage Series Charms - Courage
Courage Series Charms - Courage
Courage Series Charms - Courage
Courage Series Charms - Courage
Courage Series Charms - Courage