Deep Knowledge Heart Pendant

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A symbol of the creative life force, snakes have been held in high esteem by many ancient cultures, especially those with a deep mystic core to their religions. Snakes are a symbol of regeneration, since they shed their skins, yet they often have a shadowed meaning, because they are mysterious and elusive. Serpents have played an important role in many cosmologies, appearing as guides and protectors for deities and symbolic personages.

In this pendant I used three Serpents touching one another in an active, moving heart shape, suspended from a tiny snake with a ring looped under it’s belly. Deeply carved with geometric patterns on their skins, each of their heads contain a large single eye. On the reverse, their heads contain a heart. 

The patterns represent emotional journeying, a repetition of the work one must do in order to develop fully. The eyes are a reminder that such endeavors are done only with vision, which can be difficult when we are in the thick of things. The hearts on the heads remind us that long range clarity comes from balance in the deepest source, which is love of self. 

The spiritual qualities expressed in the carvings encourage us to navigate through the emotional undergrowth, like snakes themselves.

I hand carved this Sterling Silver pendant on all sides. It features a dark antique finish, and has a bail opening of 4mm to take a larger heavyweight chain, or leather choker.

Pendant measures 1 1/8” x 1 1/8”

Shown on Oval Rolo chain. CHAINS SOLD SEPARATELY

Deep Knowledge Heart Pendant
Deep Knowledge Heart Pendant