Eye Charm

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The Eye is the tool for seeing, a symbol of one’s ability to visualize potential. One of the greatest human gifts, sight and vision can often lead to deep emotional awareness, as well as providing the visual information necessary for a full life. Wear it as a reminder to view the present moment and the bigger picture. The Eye represents possibilities, inner knowledge, and mystic experiences. 

The Eye charm can be worn to enhance the physical energy needed for healing various illnesses associated with the structure of the eye. It can also be an amulet for insight during emotional situations that require you to see things clearly. The Eye is a symbol of one’s interest in self-understanding, despite personal difficulties.
This intricately carved human organ is meant as subtle reminder to support our internal structures. Each plays a part in our well-being, despite being out of sight.

The Eye Charm highlights the connection of our inner and outer perspectives. It can help provide deeper understanding through self-reflection, leading to strength and nurturing for vital aspects of Self.

Made from Sterling Silver and hand carved on both sides.  
This charm is 9/16" wide x 5/8" tall.

Shown on Mini Box Chain 

Eye Charm Hand Carved Sterling Silver Jewelry
Eye Charm Hand Carved Sterling Silver Jewelry
Eye Charm Hand Carved Sterling Silver Jewelry