Fire Element

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Fire is a purifying, vital Element, associated with the South, and connected to strong will and energy.

Fire both creates and destroys, and can bring about new life or remove the old and worn. It is an Element of Transformation, and a symbol of life cycles.

As a state of matter, Fire occurs as plasma, where the atoms are spaced like those of a gas except the intense energy in a plasma, causes the atoms to actually split into smaller pieces. Plasma is able to carry an electrical current and generate magnetic fields.

As Lightning and Solar Wind, Fire is a truly awesome power, its temperature in magnitudes beyond imagining. Yet Fire can also be gentle warmth, the cozy hearth at the center of your emotional Home, whose energy sustains well-being.

Use Fire to create light in an uncertain situation, or to burn away unwanted aspects of Self. Fire is also a great personal symbol if you are on a quest for cleansing and renewal.

Made from Sterling Silver and hand carved on both sides.
This charm is 5/8" wide x 5/8" tall.

Shown on Square Cable chain, sold separately.

Fire Element Charm Hand Carved Sterling Silver Jewelry
Fire Element Charm Hand Carved Sterling Silver Jewelry