Growth Ring

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Hand Carved, Sterling Silver Growth Ring

The curling vines and leaves which grow all the way around the surface of this ring are the perfect reminder of our basic human need to flourish. In our daily interactions, and in our hopes and dreams for the future, we seek to reach out towards the warmth of the sun, and drink in the pure water of emotional connection. Like plants, which go through the cycle of deep winter rest and vibrant spring renewal, this ring reminds us of the process which leads to growth, change, and development into our fullest potential.

This ring is 1" x 1" x 3/8" and quite thick. Made of solid Sterling Silver.
It has a comfort fit edge inside, and feels wonderful to wear.

Growth Ring makes an excellent symbol for relationships between people, and can also be an important personal talisman for change and development.

Available in whole and half sizes. Sizes 11 and over have an additional charge.